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Welcome to the new Knowlocker blog!  

Since our public BETA launch back in October 2017, we’ve made a raft of improvements and changes to Knowlocker, both in terms of the platform and positioning, and an updated blog is a byproduct of that.

Previously, we’ve only really used our blog to outline product developments and deployments. Moving forwards, the blog will reflect the great range of opportunities that better use of knowledge – and use of Knowlocker – can bring to both individuals and organisations.

We plan to put the content into these categories:

> Product
> Best Practice
> Case Studies
> Knowledge Management
> Best Practice
> Office Heat

Our hope is that this will help share information about Knowlocker itself with users, but more importantly, that it will help share best practice and case studies and drive real operational improvements for our users.

Our goal with Knowlocker firstly, but also with this blog, is to help change the way people work.  Better use of knowledge means people can work more effectively. It means they don’t have to spend 2 or more hours each day looking for the information they need to do their jobs.  It means they can work from anywhere as effectively as they can work in the office because everything they need to know to do their jobs is accessible via web and mobile.

Big goals, and important new features ahead!

We have some more posts planned to outline the context of the new Knowlocker, both in terms of what’s changed and is changing in terms of functionality and positioning, but one of the realisations which has hit us since our public BETA launch is just how much value Knowlocker can deliver for individuals in addition to organizations, which were almost our sole focus initially.


Knowlocker for Individuals

Knowlocker serves a couple of benefits for individuals:  When used as part of a team it helps expose those users to the wisdom and knowledge of their coworkers.  It also, with the Dropbox, Google Drive and Slack integrations, serves as a repository for much of what an individual user knows.

In addition though, Knowlocker can drive real value to individuals by helping them learn more; by helping them build their personal knowledge.

We have two new products launching to really move the needle here:  ‘Seek’ and ‘Knowledge Marketplace’. These will both have the effect of helping individuals learn more about what they want and need to know about, plugging gaps in one’s own knowledge.

As I mention, we’ll be sharing more information about these shortly (within the next 2-3 weeks) but you can also find out more by looking at our roadmap.


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If this is your first time on Knowlocker, feel free to ask us any questions ([email protected]) or schedule a demo:  We’d love to hear more about how Knowlocker might be useful for your business.

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