New Chat Functionality

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One of the more substantial updates we have deployed over the last few days is our much improved chat functionality.  Select a piece of content and you’ll see that our new chat tool appears in the right hand side column.

This lets you chat with anyone who has access to the content, as well as anyone you would like to discuss things with on a more private basis.  The discourse is saved against that piece of content.

You can see how this looks in the image below:










The chat functionality in the RHS is the first of a number of changes which sees us moving most of the sharing options to that new position in the right hand side for a cleaner user experience.  Video chat, downloads and sharing are also moving there over the next week or so.

In addition, we will be updating the main (second left) column later this month too, again for an improved user experience as well as to accommodate more comprehensive ‘nesting’ of channels.

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