Knowlocker: New HQ Office Location

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Over the last eight or so months we’ve steadily been growing Knowlocker since our BETA launch at the end of 2017.  The product has come on in leaps and bounds, and our monthly revenues have also taken some substantial steps forward.

We are not at a point where we’re ready for the next stage in our business growth, which is raising $1m or so to plough into ongoing product development as well as building out our commercial teams.

Geographically, we have always been somewhat diverse:  Despite being a small team of 15, we are from 5 countries.  Admittedly, these are all in Europe (just; location-wise and politically, but that’s a different story..!) but with a majority of our clients in the US, and also Australia and Canada, we’ve always thought globally.

At the start of the year we made the decision to make our operational HQ Stockholm, in Sweden.

The main reasons for that decision were that our development team will always be European:  We’ve built too much of a team to want to change that now.  Stockholm is also a beautiful city, with Sweden having probably the most forward-looking approach to diversity and equality of any developed country, and that matters to us.

More practically, Stockholm is also an exceptionally well connected city, and part of Schengen.  We are a distributed team, but there are times when it’s useful if some of us are in a room together.  London (one of our other options, as I’m British) is not so friendly to fellow Europeans nowadays, and that isn’t going to get much better any time soon :(.  Stockholm it was.

Fast forward to August 2018, and as we continue to grow our US customer base significantly we’ve decided to double down on the US as we grow our commercial team.  As such, we’ve made the choice to relocate what was very much an occasional satellite office in Boston, MA to a full USA HQ located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This location is perfect for a national focus on clients on both East and West costs, is well connected and – what for us was the crucial point – is ideal for a decent work/life balance.

It is vital for our business that our team are able to enjoy life as much as they can, around work.  Anything we can do to help with that – for example putting world-class skiing and hiking on the doorstep – then so much the better.

You can find us at:

150, South State Street
Salt Lake City
82111, UT

(In addition to our longer established office of 65, Regeringsgatan, Stockholm, 11156, Sweden).


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