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This blog article introduces one of the most substantial new features we’ve added to Knowlocker since our BETA launch in November 2017.  ‘Seek’ alerts.

One of the most substantial pieces of feedback – and obvious truisms, when we think about it – we had from early users, and, indeed, from using Knowlocker ourselves was that we never stop learning.

Consequently, we felt it was vital that Knowlocker, a platform which makes knowledge management easier than ever before, should have a substantial ‘learning’ element to it.


Knowlocker now makes it easier than ever to learn

With ‘Seek’ alerts, Knowlocker allows users to identify the subjects that really matter to them.  It then lets you set up alerts so that whenever new information is found on that subject, on any of over 30,000 sources, a snippet summary is created about it.

You can peruse these rapidly within Knowlocker – including adding filters for additional relevance – and convert the information which really adds value into a regular Knowlocker article.

In testing, we’ve found that this is an unprecedented improvement in terms of the speed it allows a user to ingest knowledge at.

Seek alerts bring relevant information to you, rather than you having to scour the web and other sources to find what matters.


We’d love to show you more about Knowlocker.  Either sign up (for free) or request a demo and we’ll show you how Knowlocker can deliver value for your business.

**NEW** – We now offer a money back guarantee if your productivity doesn’t improve by 70% as a result of using Knowlocker.

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