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One of the most important ways users sort content in Knowlocker is with channels.

Information overload can be a big problem for those organizations who have looked at knowledge management in the past.  The purpose of ‘Channels’ in Knowlocker is that organizations can create the channels they need to best sort knowledge within their businesses, and then have their users subscribed only to the channels which contain the knowledge they need to know.

We often see example where, for instance, an employee in an HR function within a business has access to a very different basket of channels than someone in an accounts role.

Privacy Options

Knowlocker has granular privacy settings for every item of content (and also some privacy ‘fire breaks’ for particularly sensitive sources, such as email).  These privacy options extend to channels too.

knowlocker channel privacy

The three main privacy options are:

  • Public
  • Groups
  • Private


An organization member will see every public channel within an organization, but will only see ‘Group’ and ‘Private’ channels if they have had the channel shared with them (Group) or a piece of content shared with them which is nested in that channel (Private).

Also shown in this screen shot are Slack channels.  These are channels created in Knowlocker when a user integrates Slack.  Privacy settings for these mirror the privacy settings which prevail within Slack for that specific channel.


Nested Channels

One final mention of a more recent channels feature is ‘nesting’.  As we see users adding more and more content into Knowlocker accounts, as their accounts grow, we felt it would be really useful to add ‘nesting’.  These are essentially groups of channels which sit together well within an overall topic heading, a little like a folder structure.  This lets users add many more channels to the left hand side column without the UI becoming unwieldy.

If this is your first time on Knowlocker, feel free to ask us any questions ([email protected]) or schedule a demo:  We’d love to discuss how Knowlocker might be useful for your business.

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