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Release: 15th February 2018

Notes for release 15th February 2018

Feature: Switch to IBM hosting
Feature: New Auto-responder integration server

Tweak: Increase maximum support PDF file size
Tweak: Search optimisation


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Release: 16th January 2018

Notes for the release 16th Jan 2018.

Feature: New website

Tweak: Minor cosmetic improvements
Tweak: Improvements to guided learning functionality
Tweak: Improved guided learning emails

Bug: Fix chat notifications in Vault app
Bug: Fix Screen Share bug on live recording


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Release: 21st December 2017

Release notes from 21st December deploy:

Feature: Notifications Widget (improved notifications for sharing, questions, comments)

Tweak: Improved layout for Knowlocker Connect
Tweak: General UI tweaks and improvements
Tweak: Missing thumbnail selector on some video file types

Bug Fix: Numerous layout tweaks and improvements
Bug Fix: Sharing # mismatch

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Release: 12th December 2017

Release notes for 12th December deployment.

Feature: Asynchronous chat added to Connect
Feature: Add support for coupons in checkout

Tweak: Improved laying of icons in main app

Bug: Fix results issue in Search
Bug: Fix issue with Questions
Bug: Fixed issue with content visibility
Bug: Fix issue with missing contacts

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Release: 5th December 2017

Release notes 12/5/17

Feature: Remove public option from search.
Feature: Released the ‘Connect’ module.
Feature: New notifications widget in the web app.
Feature: Added ‘Guided Learning’ functionality.
Feature: Added ‘Due Date’ to viewing / sharing.

Tweak: Many minor improvements to the brochure site.
Tweak: Updated pricing to reflect additional modules.
Tweak: Multiple search improvements.
Tweak: Updated text to reflect new corporate entity.
Tweak: Added further caching to brochure page for speed.

Bug: Fixed a number of bugs linked to recent deployment


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Release: 28th November 2017

Release notes 11/28/17

Feature: Added a status page for performance.
Feature: Added ‘Live’, ‘Connect’ and ‘Transmit’ to the brochure site.
Feature: Added a free tier to pricing.

Tweak: Cosmetic improvements to the brochure site.

Bug: Corrected Medium link.

knowlocker brochure site.png

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Knowlocker’s Live Video

‘Live Videos’ are one of the most powerful ways of sharing information, either on-the-fly, or for scheduled training sessions and meetings. Live videos connect employees faster and facilitates the exchange of ideas. This can help for speeding up the creative process.

This is one of the main reasons, why we are introducing Knowlocker’s Live Video and decided to make it available for free to our users.

Knowlocker has state of the art, zero latency live video as one of the core functionalities.

Setting up a video call with Knowlocker Live is quick, easy and free for all parties.

Set up call
Easily set up the time and date of your meeting (or ‘now at the moment’). Invite your most promising prospects by contact or email address and communicate your message to them in a controlled atmosphere, immersing them in your brand message and the value of your offerings.

That means that

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Knowlocker’s Universal Search

When using ‘Universal Search’ in our everyday conversation, we have a little knowing what is exactly a Universal Search?

Universal Search refers to not only finding text results, but also generating results that will bring you different types of media, including pictures and videos.

With Knowlocker’s Universal Search, by receiving many types of results (pictures, videos, text) users will have a better general view on what they are looking for.

Knowlocker divide the results by channels, people, folders and files.

Knowlocker brings more helpful information for the user: Bigger possibility of finding the answer they are searching after performing only one search;

Universal Search is intended to minimize the user’s effort and time to search for further results, eliminating the need for long tail queries. In short – the user should find exactly what they’re looking for as quickly as

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Release: 23rd November 2017

Release notes for 23rd November

Feature: Add 100+ seat account discounting to pricing page
Feature: Add Connect & Vault to Pricing Page
Feature: Added progress bar to upload panel

Tweak: Minor updates to brochure page


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Knowlocker’s Private Channels

The ideal Knowledge Management Software is one that provides a variety of tools to choose from and allows for easy customization to suit an organization’s specific process needs.

One of those tools is Knowlocker’s private channels. As we have mention before in our previous articles Knowlocker lets you create topic-specific channels and discussion groups, and easily organise all of your documentation in one convenient place.

Knowlocker’s channels can have three types of privacy: public, within the organization or private.

Private channels can be created in Settings, with clicking on ‘Create Channels’ button and choosing private privacy.

What makes the private channels special?

Only the user who have a seat in some organization, can have access to a particular private channel. A Seat is a user who is invited by the organization. Whether is “Personal”, “Plus” or “Pro” package, the

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